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At Raymond R. Pines, P.A., we encourage our clients to resolve their divorce or family law matter without going to court. When our clients cannot resolve issues through negotiation, we recommend mediation as an alternative to a family court hearing or trial. Mediation can be used as a means to resolve all aspects of a divorce, or the parties can agree to have the mediator decide only certain difficult or contentious issues.

The main attraction of divorce mediation is that it can save you money while promoting a mutually satisfactory agreement. Mediation can also assist in taking the "fighting" out of dispute. With the help of the mediator the clients craft a solution that is tailored to their unique situation. Control of the final solution is left in the hands of the parties as opposed to handed over to a judge who is guided and bound by the law. The law by definition is designed to be broad, which strives to encompass the most common denominators of all possible situations. Most judges have case loads in the hundreds and have insufficient time to get to know the parties and be creative in the crafting of a final plan. This coupling of the law and high caseloads for judges leaves little room for creative, personalized solutions to the unique situation of each family. Mediation leaves the resolution of the situation in the hands of the people who are most intimately familiar with the situation; the parties.

Our Divorce Attorney Can Help You Reach Agreeable Solutions

After reaching an agreeable solution for your unique situation a formal agreement is signed by the parties, which is considered a binding contract. At the conclusion of mediation, our attorneys will file the necessary legal documents, formalizing your agreement with the court.

Contrary to popular belief, experienced divorce attorneys favor settlement out of court, and do not go out of their way to encourage litigation. Unfortunately, there are times when negotiation does not result in a mutually satisfactory outcome, and in those situations our attorneys are always prepared to litigate on your behalf in a courtroom.

The parties can utilize the services of a mediator, usually an independent lawyer who is intimately familiar with the various components and issues of family law matter. This mediator can assist both partners in arriving at an amicable solution to their differences.

We realize that negotiating with a divorcing spouse can be particularly painful. Therefore the mediation will usually be held at a location with the parties and their respective attorney in separate rooms. The mediator will go between the rooms where the parties are located. Negotiating the issues from separate rooms allows more flexibility, virtually deflates any attempt at bullying or hurtful phrases or actions and is extremely helpful alternative method of communicating to reach an amicable solution.

At any time during the mediation process one of the parties may choose to end the mediation and proceed to court, which further tends to alleviate any pressure on the parties.

Note: All negotiations during a mediation session are confidential and cannot be stated in Court. Therefore, both parties may feel less pressure and can negotiate freely to settle the case with quality results.

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If you or your divorcing spouse has suggested divorce mediation, contact an attorney at Raymond R. Pines, P.A. to learn about the full range of considerations that bear upon your decision.